How to protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

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Dear Facebook User,

Almost everyday, we hear about someone that got hacked or someone who got his Facebook Account stolen by "phishing", what is this and how to avoid it?


What is phishing?

Sometimes spammers create fake websites that look like the Facebook login page. When you enter your email and password on one of these pages, the spammer records your information and keeps it. This is called phishing.

How can I avoid getting phished?

Each link you receive make sure it has "facebook.com" before the first "/"
for example, this one is a phishing link: http://fiogi.com/login/facebook/en/?i=388
As you notice, there is "fiogi.com" before the "/", that means this link is on website that has domain name of "fiogi.com" and not "facebook.com".
If you open a phishing link without putting your login information in this fake page, that won't cause problems, but we recommend you to not open the link at all for more safety.

Many phishers attempt to trick people with fake offers of free, rare, secret or exclusive digital goods (ex: coins, chips, gifts, etc.). 

Beware of:
  1. Messages with misspellings and typos, multiple fonts or oddly placed accents.
  2. Messages that claim to have your password attached. Facebook will never send you your password as an attachment. Learn more about spoofed emails.
  3. Mismatched links: When you hover over a link, look at the status bar at the bottom of your browser window, and make sure the link actually goes to the link shown in the email.
  4. Messages asking for your personal information. Facebook will never ask you for:
    • Your account password
    • Your social security number or tax identification number
    • Your full credit card number or PIN
  5. Messages claiming that your account will be deleted or locked unless you take immediate action.

How to report phishing link or E-Mail?

Send them to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hopefully this post was useful for you, please share this with everyone to help them and yourself to not get "Phished".